I recently finished my PhD in Plasma Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I earned my BAs at Swarthmore College (Physics and Philosophy, 2012).
My dissertation work focuses on creating the correct conditions in laboratory plasmas to study flow and instabilities in astrophysical systems, like the surface of the sun and accretion disks swirling around black holes. I work on theory projects, lab equipment, diagnostic development and computer simulations.
Outside of physics, I tinker with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis; design 3D models and maintain 3D printers; and experiment with simple woodworking and machining. I appreciate the ethos of the maker community. I also make my own pie crusts.
Beyond these interests and pursuits, I enjoy assisting my partner Emily Leach with her multimedia art installations. Developing work outside of the STEM field introduces a variety of restrictions and the need for resourceful thinking, which I find incredibly exciting and fulfilling. This connection to the art world challenges my technical abilities and cultivates my creative instincts for other projects.
Resume (Download PDF)